In the 1960's, Ilija Letica had a vision to become a leader in the plastic packaging industry. This vision was initiated when Ilija transformed his engineering consulting company into a plastic injection molding business and began manufacturing a five gallon plastic container. The five gallon container has since become the industry standard for a broad array of applications including paint, chemicals and food packaging, and Letica Corporation has grown into a nationwide manufacturer of paper and plastic packaging.

Letica Corporation, a family owned company, now has 14 locations across the United States. In 1996, Letica completed the construction of its new Advanced Technology Center and corporate headquarters that now support the three business units of the company.

Rigid Packaging - produces a wide range of rigid containers that are marketed to a variety of industries and Fortune 500 companies.

Foodservice Packaging - manufactures paper and plastic cups and lids (including the Maui cup line) for the foodservice industry and supplies several of the largest quick serve restaurants and convenience store chains in America.

Letica Freightlines - delivers Letica products to customers nationwide and offers cost reductions and time savings to customers through backhaul opportunities.

The vision that Ilija Letica had established as an entrepreneur in the 1960's remains embedded in Letica's culture today as evidenced by the company's vision statement.