World Class Production

Letica Corporation manufactures packaging solutions for customers from 13 strategically located facilities across the nation. Each facility utilizes a quality operating system (QOS) and state of the art manufacturing equipment which enables us to maintain our leadership role in the following competencies:

  • Injection Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Paper Converting
  • Graphics

Quality Operating System

The QOS identifies standard key indicators which are measured, analyzed, improved, controlled & validated at each Letica location. With this operating system and a commitment to standardization and statistical process control, our customers are assured of receiving the same quality product from any Letica manufacturing location.

Continuous Improvement

To achieve world class production processes and products, Letica's Manufacturing team is committed to continuous improvement programs in manpower, methods, machines & materials. Formalized programs at each Letica facility that support this philosophy include:

  • Letica facilities practice 5S methodology along with other Kaizen activities in an effort to maintain standardization and continuously improve in safety, quality, efficiency and successful growth.
  • Advance quality planning programs that require the early involvement of manufacturing in the design, prototype and pre-production of products and processes.
  • Preventative maintenance programs that ensure our world class machines operate in an efficient manner that produces consistent quality products.