Fit for Purpose Packaging

Explore the Maui Cup™ cold line.

Variety and versatility in cold cups and lids

Launched in 1991, our Maui Cup division has grown to be among our largest product lines and manufacturing complexes. Maui Cup’s cold line includes paper, thermo-formed and injection molded options available in squat, regular and tall styles ranging from 5-44 ounces. We offer a range of materials including polyethylene and polypropylene.

All cold cups have an assortment of lids available including flat or domed and translucent or clear. Additionally, most lids may be interchangeably used on multiple cup styles, streamlining your inventory.

Your cups can be customized in a multitude of ways by our internal graphic design and printing team. Precision artwork and printing plates are created by one centralized specialty team and shipped to any manufacturing facility, meaning your company’s brand and color palette will be flawlessly replicated no matter where it’s printed.


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