Fit for Purpose Packaging

The Maui Cup™ hot line blends protection with practicality.

A wide array of hot cups, lids and accessories

We know containing and handling hot beverages involves extra needs and caution. Packaging must ensure safety and protection from high temperatures yet – in seeming conflict with this – also make the contents easily drinkable, and keep them warm and tasty over time. Our 6-24 ounce hot cups, special-feature lids and recyclable and compostable insulated sleeves provide a trifecta solution.

We were the first in industry to introduce the “5 in 1 lid,” allowing interchangeable use of the same lid on five different styles of hot cups. And our lids please even the most particular of users through features such as vented, tear back, reclosable and domed lids with sip holes.

For added flair, our internal graphic design and printing team can customize your hot cups in a multitude of ways.

And if your needs go beyond hot cups, we hope you’ll view Maui Cup’s cold cup line as well as its foodservice line and consider Letica as your single source to fulfill them all.